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Book of Me

My mom says unless I get out from behind the camera my son won’t have any pictures of me once he’s older.  I guess like a lot of people, I don’t like having my picture taken and more often than not, my eyes are closed, but I do know what my mom is saying.   I’d thought about doing a “book of me” but having to work with my own pictures just wasn’t a fun thought. 

I have since gained the courage, yes, it’s that hard, to do this “book of me” and I’m really kind of glad.  The childhood pictures I’ve added were definitely fun and easy to do; the adult photos, well not so much, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and overall, I like the outcome.   I’ve posted some of the layouts below. 

 Have you thought about starting your book of me?  It doesn’t hurt a bit, I promise!








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Finally Friday!

I’m so glad this work week is coming to a close and more than ready for two days off.  I’m ready to move on after having to make a difficult decision to dissolve the scrapping group I organized and getting a not-so-nice e-mail accusing me of saying something I never, ever said.  Even at the end of this, the meanness still goes on.   I hope this nonsense is over once and for all.   I’m excited about meeting some of my on-line scrapping friends next summer as a group may be visiting here and I’m going up to Newport, RI to meet a couple of the girls next September.   Very exciting! 

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Layout Size

What size layouts do you do?  Do you stick with one size-12 x 12, 8 x 8, or 6 x 6?  I have always done 12 x 12 pages, but recently 6 x 12 has become a fun size to work with. 

Sometimes I’ve gotten stuck trying to embellish a 12 x 12 layout.  I get the design of the papers just right, my title placed, and my journaling written and then can’t figure out what to embellish with.  With the 6 x 12, I’m finding I can figure out the embellishing much easier.  In turn, maybe some practicing with this size will enable me to better embellish my 12 x 12 layouts.  Given this size a try.  I know that some of the scrapbook manufacturers are coming out with 6 x 12 albums now so it’s definitely becoming pretty popular.  Below are some 6 x 12 layouts I’ve done.  Thanks for looking!




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A Fun Weekend at TallyScrapper!

I know I talk a lot about my favorite scrapbooking site, but believe me it is THE best site on the web with inspiration galore, a wonderful community of women, and great products available for purchase.  This past weekend marked a milestone as Tallyscrapper hit the top 100 BEST scrapping sites and now stands at #98!  To celebrate there were challenges and contests  with great prizes up for grabs.  It was so exciting and yours truly had the most points overall for the weekend winning a great Autumn Leaves numbers stamp set!  I was one of three top TallyPoint winners for Saturday and Sunday winning Making Memories flocked spider paper and Prima Kismet paper, and one of the top three point winners in the gallery for the weekend winning a great set of Mustard Moon Ledger, Crossword, and Phone Book papers!  

Did I not tell you this is a great site?  Believe me, my winning luck was never that great until I started participating on the Tally!  Give it a try!

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Heritage Layouts

Are you researching your family’s history?   I had a good bit of  information from my grandmother (Dad’s side of the family), but my cousin, Lisa, was able to run with that and discover so much about our family history.  Letters, wills, land documents, and so much more makes very interesting reading if it’s something you’re into.

One scrapbook album I’m working on is a heritage album.  I get easily overwhelmed when I think of all the photos I’d love to do, so I try to just pick one picture at a time and decide if it’s one I want to include.  Then, if it is, I go for it.  I love a vintage look while at the same time using the modern paper designs out there.  Here are  some I’ve done so far.  Remember you can click any you’d like to see in a larger version.

My grandmother and her high school basketball team.


 This is my mom’s senior photo.  This layout was a challenge issued by a fellow TallyScrapper.  (Be sure to check out this site!) The challenge was to do an all white layout using a black and white photo. 


 This is my grandmother on my dad’s side again.  I love this one.  This was my first heritage layout.


 A layout about my grandparent’s house.


 My grandfather in India during WWII.


 My grandmother again.  Is this not an awesome photo? 


 This layout was a lot of fun.  My dad’s remodeling the “home place” and this tells the story of how two women in the family, different generations, shot through two different doors in the house and how those doors still hang in my dad’s house today.


This was my second layout, a double page, about my dad’s father.  I plan to rescan this as two individual pages to make it easier to read so I’ll update it asap.


I’m not sure if everyone is as into their family and its history as I am or as my whole family is, but isn’t it nice to have a connection with your family’s past?  Do you love looking at old photos?  Be sure to ask questions of the older members of your family while you can and make notes of who everyone is in your old photos.  You’ll be glad you did!

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I miss…

Looking through some photos the other day, when my shelves collapsed in the closet spilling boxes of pictures everywhere and almost decapitating a friend of mine, I found a black and white photo I’d taken of my piano.  I remember being home on break from college (Art Institute of Atlanta) and practicing with my new Minolta XGA purchased at JCPenney.  What on earth would we have done had my mom not maintained good credit standing at JCP!?  Anyway, this is already bringing up other memories so…I was practicing depth of field and got this great shot of the piano keys.  When I picked up this picture, it hit me how much I missed playing the piano!  One picture after another turned out to be or remind me of something or someone I miss.  I have completed two layouts for my book of me, which I guess will have to be divided into chapters, this one titled “I miss.” 

This layout is about my cat Fletcher.  She, yes she, was a riot!  She really thought she was something and I became her human.  I think she loved me a little, but mostly tolerated me, as I guess all cats do with their humans.  I really miss her.


Here’s that picture of the piano.  I look at it and think what a great shot!  The Rhonna Farrrer papers are beautiful.  I don’t have the piano anymore.  The parents divorced and out the door went the good standing credit at JCP AND my piano!  Hey, I’m a stronger person for it.  Still have my camera though.   Even though the flash shoe doesn’t work anymore, I can still capture great shots sans flash!


I have a pretty thick stack of photos to complete this “chapter” of my scrapbook and can’t wait to start the next layout.  What do you miss? 

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I’m sure by now most of you have tried using sketches to boost your creativity, get your scrap mojo back, or cure scrapper’s block.  I love sketches!  Links to some of the web sites I have found to be full of great sketch ideas are at the end of this post. 

Sometimes, you may start out with a sketch and your layout in the end will look either exactly like it or nothing at all like what you started with.  Either way is just fine because the sketch did what it’s supposed to: help you create a layout. 

Here are some layouts I’ve created using sketches.  You can click on them for a larger view.


This is my son Jake all dressed up for Easter.


My sister and me in some very itchy evening gowns.  I’m itchy just thinking about them!


My grandmother, 85 years old this year, who played guard on her high school team.

This is one of my favorite layouts.


A sketch from the Basic Grey Newsletter.  I cut a circle out of a box for the journaling.


A round sketch from PageMaps.  It was my first time trying to scan, crop, and stitch a round layout so the edges look rough, but really an old record album helps to cut a perfect 12 inch circle!


Basic Grey

YAYA Princess Blog (This lady is a fellow TallyScrapper.  If you have not checked out this one-of-a-kind web store and scrapping community you are really missing out!)

The layouts “HoopSkirts” and “Nicknames” were both challenge winners on TallyScrapper! 

Let me know if you use sketches!  Do you find them helpful?  What sketch sites to you visit? 



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