I miss…

Looking through some photos the other day, when my shelves collapsed in the closet spilling boxes of pictures everywhere and almost decapitating a friend of mine, I found a black and white photo I’d taken of my piano.  I remember being home on break from college (Art Institute of Atlanta) and practicing with my new Minolta XGA purchased at JCPenney.  What on earth would we have done had my mom not maintained good credit standing at JCP!?  Anyway, this is already bringing up other memories so…I was practicing depth of field and got this great shot of the piano keys.  When I picked up this picture, it hit me how much I missed playing the piano!  One picture after another turned out to be or remind me of something or someone I miss.  I have completed two layouts for my book of me, which I guess will have to be divided into chapters, this one titled “I miss.” 

This layout is about my cat Fletcher.  She, yes she, was a riot!  She really thought she was something and I became her human.  I think she loved me a little, but mostly tolerated me, as I guess all cats do with their humans.  I really miss her.


Here’s that picture of the piano.  I look at it and think what a great shot!  The Rhonna Farrrer papers are beautiful.  I don’t have the piano anymore.  The parents divorced and out the door went the good standing credit at JCP AND my piano!  Hey, I’m a stronger person for it.  Still have my camera though.   Even though the flash shoe doesn’t work anymore, I can still capture great shots sans flash!


I have a pretty thick stack of photos to complete this “chapter” of my scrapbook and can’t wait to start the next layout.  What do you miss? 


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  1. Inger

    It is a awesome pitcure! My cameras are all broke so now I am just waiting for christmas. My birthday is two days before christmas so my parents always give me a bigger gift with christmas. I am so hoping for a camera. It awful being without one.

    Sorry about your cat.

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