Heritage Layouts

Are you researching your family’s history?   I had a good bit of  information from my grandmother (Dad’s side of the family), but my cousin, Lisa, was able to run with that and discover so much about our family history.  Letters, wills, land documents, and so much more makes very interesting reading if it’s something you’re into.

One scrapbook album I’m working on is a heritage album.  I get easily overwhelmed when I think of all the photos I’d love to do, so I try to just pick one picture at a time and decide if it’s one I want to include.  Then, if it is, I go for it.  I love a vintage look while at the same time using the modern paper designs out there.  Here are  some I’ve done so far.  Remember you can click any you’d like to see in a larger version.

My grandmother and her high school basketball team.


 This is my mom’s senior photo.  This layout was a challenge issued by a fellow TallyScrapper.  (Be sure to check out this site!) The challenge was to do an all white layout using a black and white photo. 


 This is my grandmother on my dad’s side again.  I love this one.  This was my first heritage layout.


 A layout about my grandparent’s house.


 My grandfather in India during WWII.


 My grandmother again.  Is this not an awesome photo? 


 This layout was a lot of fun.  My dad’s remodeling the “home place” and this tells the story of how two women in the family, different generations, shot through two different doors in the house and how those doors still hang in my dad’s house today.


This was my second layout, a double page, about my dad’s father.  I plan to rescan this as two individual pages to make it easier to read so I’ll update it asap.


I’m not sure if everyone is as into their family and its history as I am or as my whole family is, but isn’t it nice to have a connection with your family’s past?  Do you love looking at old photos?  Be sure to ask questions of the older members of your family while you can and make notes of who everyone is in your old photos.  You’ll be glad you did!


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