TallyScrapper Survivor Challenge

Thursday kicked off the start of Survivor’s new season as well as TallyScrapper’s Scrapbooking Survivor Challenge.  I personally have not watched Survivor, but add some scrapbooking to it and I’m in!  Here’s our first week’s challenge given to us by the Glitz Design girls, http://glitzitnow.com/

 Glitz wants to challenge you to make a holiday page:

1.  Journal some of the traditions your family does over the holidays.

2.  Don’t limit yourself to green and red…black, pink, light blue??

3.  A Christmas page screams glitter and glitz-whip our your frosting!

4.  When you randomly doodle across a page it adds character-try it!

5.  Don’t forget your pages needs to tell a story-not just look pretty.

I love the traditions we have within our family, so I cannot wait to get started on this one!!    What are your traditions?  Have they changed gradually over the years?  Are they exactly the same as when your parents were small?  I’d love to see your layouts about holiday traditions so leave a comment with a link to yours!


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