Busy, Busy, Busy!

There’s a song from a Thomas the Tank Engine movie that my son watches about all the trains being busy, busy, busy doing their job on the Island of Sodor.  I feel like one of those trains!  There is so much fun going on, so many things to do, a lot of work things happening as well, and unfortunately, some family members in the hospital.  I have always seen fall as the time for things to start slowing down a little, but definitely not this year.  I’m worried I’ll get caught up with it all!  Thank goodness, this weekend there is nothing on the calendar.  I’ll need at least two days to catch up.

The plans for the charity crop are coming right along.  I’ve still got newspapers to notify as it gets a little closer and would love to have a few more donations come in, but at this point, I guess I’ve done all I can do.   It’s certainly not like we don’t have any donations, but you know how it is, you want things to be the best you can make it.   It’s time to get goody bags ready and make sure everything is set to go as far as our food and setup is concerned.  It’s very exciting and I can’t wait!  In fact, as I was typing this, I had a phone call and signed up two participants! 

Jake’s birthday party plans have to be turned into lists or else I’ll forget something.  I’ll have to send out invitations in a week or so and make sure I don’t forget anyone!  We’re still doing theme parties so it’s The Backyardigans this year, and the big thing is that he wants a pinata.  He had too much fun at his cousin’s birthday party hitting the pinata and gathering up candy.  It was the best party ever, he said.  Too cute!

I have to decide what to cook for two occasions coming up, as well.  One is our family reunion, and since it’s a pot luck picnic and these are country folk, I’ll probably cook good old turnip greens and cornbread!  Yummy!  You would think as picky an eater as I am that I would not touch something like turnip greens, but boy are they delicious!  I usually don’t bring any home either!  Then the very next day is our Leading Ladies gathering at my grandmother’s house.  This should be so much fun!  All of us gals get together and the stars come out in daylight, as the quote says.  My grandmother needs us there, too, as it has been a sad year in our family, losing my uncle and other family members.  Not sure what I’ll take for that, but one dish definitely has to be something sweet since we all need more sugar in our diets. Yep, we do!

I guess you’re wondering where the scrapbooking will fall in all of this?  Any time I can squeeze it in!  You all saw my to do list for scrapbooking!  I have to get all that done and quick! LOL!  I’ll be back here to post what I do and share what I receive back in the swaps!   The Apothescaries and Sweets is going to be fantastic as I’ll get back 10 different spooky items to decorate with this Halloween!  The Friendship Swap is going to be great as I’m swapping with my first overseas scrapper, Nessa, from Belgium!!  She has a funky girly style and I cannot wait to see what she does!  Here’s the link from her blog.  Check out her great layouts!  http://scrapmylife.blogspot.com/2007/09/dt-call.html#links

So, I’ll be back with more scrapping soon and less of all the busy, busy, busy…or at least I hope I will! 


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