An Old Friend

When I got up the other morning, there was a very early morning message on my machine.  My first thought is, of course, “Oh gosh, what’s wrong?”  Happily, it turned out that an old friend of mine that I’d lost touch with saw the article in the newspaper about the crop and called to reconnect!  Unfortunately, I’ve had to work and it’s impossible for me to talk on the phone and work at the same time and considering I get paid for what I type, I do my best not to talk on the phone while I’m working. 

BUT! I have to call her back soon or she’s going to think I don’t want to talk to her and I so do!  Pam and I go back to the days when we worked in two different photo labs together.  We became friends and spent a lot of time hanging out, going to bars together, just having good times.  We also had in common that she knew some of my family members from her first marriage years. 

Once I told Pam that no matter how long we go without talking, we always seem to pick up where we left off.  It has been quite a while so I’m anxious to see how she’s doing!  I’ve not forgotten your message, Pam!  I’ll call soon, I promise, and I’m so glad you decided to call after seeing the article!! 


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