Art Journal Challenge-Deck of Me Cards

Emily Falconbridge began this challenge some time back and I’m just now finding time to include it in my projects.  You’re given a prompt every week by Emily and are to design a card with the prompt as your guide.  I think most everyone is using an ordinary deck of cards and are definitely turning them into something most extraordinary.  My plan is to complete the challenges and link my cards together with a ring and by the time I’m done, it should be a great journal all about me.   I happen to find this 5 x 7 deck of playing cards that I’d purchased impulsively at a game store years ago.  This size gives me a little more room than an ordinary deck so maybe I’m cheating a little. 

The first prompt was “Something you are proud of.”  It’s definitely hard to narrow this down, but I went with “Proud to be Me.”  If anything, meeting the gals on TallyScrapper and being introduced to these types of challenges to scrap about myself, has helped me tremendously in the self-esteem area and to know that all this scrapping I’m doing about Jake is great, but when he looks at his scrapbooks and sees nothing about me, he may wonder a bit what his mom was really like.  So here’s my first go at the Deck of Me. 





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2 responses to “Art Journal Challenge-Deck of Me Cards

  1. It looks fantastic Jan! I almost teared up about that part of Jake not knowing you. I really need to gather the layouts I have complete of myself & Doug and put them in one album. ( i just hate organization sometimes… lol) Anyway, I love your card!! Great start!!

  2. Excellent Post. My compliments to the author.

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