I’ve Been Tagged!

Nessa, (She’s on my blogroll!) a new friend I’ve met on TallyScrapper from Belgium has tagged me!  Seven random things about me….let’s see.

1.  I’d love to have my own scrapbook business.

2.  One of my guilty pleasures if staying up late and watching old movies like the original Wuthering Heights.

3.  I used to be pretty good at drawing and painting.

4.  I LOVE pajamas! If I could wear my pajama’s all the time I’d love it.  I have more pajamas than I do regular clothes!

5.  I had to wear a patch over one eye when I was in the third grade.  Talk about cute…yeah, right. 

6.  I love acting silly with Jake, and sometimes I get too silly for him!

7.  I’d love to spend a year traveling!

Now, do I even know seven other bloggers to tag?? I’ll have to think on this one!

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One response to “I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. i would like to have my scrapbook business too but just a dream

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