Exciting Times!

Have you ever looked at your calendar, and first, you question your sanity as to why you agreed to do all that you said you would, but then when you think about it, it’s extra exciting??  That’s my next couple of weeks.  Filled to the brim with me wondering how I’m going to get everything accomplished, but also looking forward to every single thing!

We’ve got 7 signups for the charity crop on the 27th.  Not a lot by some standards, but I was told that it takes quite a while to build your contacts and get the word out about these types of things.  I can tell that our newspaper article helped a great deal.  I’m still praying for a lot of last minute calls to register.  I had the great opportunity to talk to a lady opening up a new store in our area; she actually called and asked what she could do to help!  How nice is that?  I’m hoping to meet her tonight while she’s working to get ready for her grand opening coming up soon.  Also, thank goodness for wonderful Pat, as she is planning to do whatever we need to help us with food and has been going door to door to some local businesses collecting donations.   You really have to work hard for something like this to be successful and even though she doesn’t have to even blink an eye if she doesn’t want to, as she has no afffiliation with Scrapping from the Heart, out of the goodness of her heart, she’s collected gift baskets from Garner’s Health Foods, Barnes & Noble, and there are more that she has listed and I can’t wait to see what they are!  Way to go Pat, and thank you more than you’ll ever know!

Next Saturday we have Jake’s 4th birthday party! I cannot believe my baby is going to 4 already!  I finally found that  rare and valuable set of Boogie Woogie Band Weebles that for some reason my son is so crazy about!  Weebles were one of his first toys, nice and round for their chubby hands, make lots of clacking noise when you stir them together in a pile on the floor, and even at 4 he still loves to play with them.  That I know of, none have been on any of the recall lists, so thank goodness!!  It was bad enough trying to explain why I was sending back some of his Thomas trains.  I have to go buy a pinata, as that a huge request this time and order the cake, all The Backyardigans theme.   I should probably find a few games for them to play since this party will actually have kids his age attending and I’m sure keeping them occupied would be a good thing.  Wow, that little guy I brought home from the hospital four years ago is growing up way too fast!

 Staying with The Backyardigans, Pablo the penguin character is our costume of choice for this Halloween.  I hope it’s cooler than it has been or else Jake will weigh about 2 pounds after sweating and steaming in that costume!  Hey, maybe I should wear it and he can pretend to me, The Mommy.  Maybe I could persuade him to take care of all my obligations….at least before he gets his Boogie Woogie Band Weebles because after he gets those, I can forget it!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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