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Let’s Play Catch-Up!

WOW! I’ve been MIA for a while, but for good reason! Like I mentioned in previous posts, there were upcoming birthday parties and our charity crop and Halloween, but now I can relax a little and update everyone on how all three activities turned out! 

I’ll say it again, I cannot believe my baby is 4 years old!  I’m amazed at how the look of a baby is disappearing and the look of a young boy is there in its place.  Now I know why my mom and my grandmother used to say, “If I could just have you that little again.”  I know exactly what they mean! 

The party was a huge success with Jake’s friend, Lucian and Jake’s cousin, Will, both coming to the party.  Jake’s cousin, Jackson, was also there, but since he’s just turned a year old and although he’s about as tough as any 4 year old, he mainly participated in pushing around chairs and playing with Jake’s toys.  Next year, though, watch out! LOL!


I picked out old-fashioned games for the boys since I knew they’d probably never even heard of them.  Musical chairs had to be demonstrated and then went over pretty good.  Pin the Grin on the Pumpkin was a hoot because all three just didn’t understand how they were supposed to play the game if they couldn’t see!  A TallyFriend had suggested a cute game where the kids stuff as many balloons into their clothing as they can within a certain amount of time.  That was too funny!  Check out Will’s expression. He’s the one with a shirt full of balloons in the foreground. (Click on the picture to see a larger version.)


Jake wanted a Backyardigan’s party this year so that was our theme.  Here he is, so happy for all of us to finally be singing Happy Birthday to him!


And now for my favorite photo of all from the party. Jake and his Papa.  Love this picture!!  You’d have to know how hard it is to get my dad to let you take his photo to appreciate this one! 


So once the festivities ended, we took Jake and Will to the pumpkin patch.  Definitely, not as many photo ops as last year since we’ve had such a lack of rain, but still fun to see the boys running and playing.  Managed to get this one shot of the two of them, both with super silly expression!  Oh well! 


Now for a few pictures from Halloween before I mention the charity crop outcome.  Jake, again, has The Backyardigans on the brain, so he was Pablo the Penguin.  Funny how kids were all saying, “Hi, Pablo!” as we walked around the neighborhood.  Lucian, the Power Ranger, came over to trick-or-treat with us.  Here are a couple of shots from last night:



And now for the great news on the charity crop outcome.  I will also be posting this on the SFTH web site,  with photos, but I’m very proud to say that we have a cash donations amount of $920 and goods donations amount of an estimated $250!  I’m very happy with this and can’t wait to deliver everything to Divinity Care and The Bethlehem Center.  The ladies who attended this crop were simply wonderful and I feel like they will definitely put a good word out there for us.  Everything went so smoothly, that I am still amazed by it when I think about the day.  The surveys we received back were so positive and that reiterates to me that we did do a great job in organizing the crop and that all our hard work was appreciated.   A BIG THANK YOU to all who attended, to my partner, Stephanie, and to our volunteers, Jo, Pat, and Hope for making the day great!!  Be sure to check out the Scrapping from the Heart web site (click the link above) to see pictures from the event.  I’ll have them uploaded soon!



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