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“I’m a scrapbooker.” “Oh….”

We were talking on TallyScrapper one day about the reaction you get from people when you tell them you’re a scrapbooker.   Some said they get “the look.”  This is either the look of “Why do you waste your time and money on such?” or the look of “I can’t believe her husband lets her spend money on this stuff.” or even the look of “Oh God, get me out of here before she shows me her scrapbook!”    I’m sure we’ve all gotten these, right? 

What about the comments of “Oh, I don’t have time for that.” like we scrappers don’t have to make the time to do this hobby that we enjoy and we just sit around scrapping and printing pictures and eating and putting in videos for our children so they leave us alone.  Well, we do, but it’s scheduled.

One of my family members asked me why I did a certain layout.  I explained that it happened to be a challenge that was issued and these types of things help to improve your scrapbooking.  Wow! You should’ve have seen the LOOK in response to that.   I watched to be sure she didn’t call 911 and ask the guys to bring the white jacket.

What’s the big deal??  It’s a craft, a hobby, an art, a fun way of managing your photos, family history documentation, therapy, stress reliever, escape.  Okay, so we’re a little passionate about it.  So what?  Did I give “you” a look when you showed me your collection of fantasy daggers and wizards?  What about “you” and your vast array of Precious Moments figurines with matching cross stitch?  Oh, and especially “you” with your family room wall covered in animal face latch hook pieces!”   Hey, and you, big fella, with your Craftsman workshop that has taken over the garage so your wife has to park in the driveway!

I didn’t give you “the look” or roll my eyes because I understand.  I know what it is like to have to create something, to do something with your hands.   I know what it is to have to have a camera by your side at all times.  What I can’t figure out is those who do not have this urge.  They vegitate in front of the television and have no desire whatsoever to do anything else.

I guess it’s because creativity and the urge to create runs through my family vein.  I watch my dad take blocks and sheets of wood and turn them into beautiful pieces of furniture.  I watch my stepmom take flour, sugar, and eggs and end up with five tiers of beautiful for a bride’s special day.  My uncle could turn a blank sheet of paper into a drawing that we still laugh about today.  I’ve seen my cousin and my grandmother take an array of cut flowers and turn them into an amazing floral arrangement, a cousin turn a ball of yarn into just about anything you could imagine, another grandmother take scraps from old dresses and turn them into something you sleep under like a baby, and my mom take a cut of fabric and sew the pieces together to look like something purchased at the finest of stores.  With all of this, how could one not want to create? 

Tell me about your family and friends. Are you the sole creative genius or are you surrounded by creative people like I am?  I want to hear what or who drives you to create.  Do you feel lost when you can’t?  Post here and I’ll draw for a scrapbooking RAK!



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Fed UP!

I’ve had it.  I’m ready to move to Canada or anywhere else  where I can get health care/insurance coverage that doesn’t cost me the majority of my paycheck every month.  I’m a single mom-you know that.  I have a 4-YO boy.  We are healthy aside from my being overweight (I’m working on this.)  and even still I have no current problems with hypertension or diabetes, etc.  I work at home so I can be with my son, but the bad part of that is I don’t make millions.  Far freaking from it, but staying home with Jake outweighs the money EXCEPT that I cannot find affordable health insurance coverage for the two of us.  The company I work for won’t provide it as it’s too expensive for them as well, and most of the other transcriptionists are covered under their husband’s insurance policies.  BCBS wanted $600+ dollars to cover us.  State Farm 500+ for sucky coverage.  Catastrophic, they call it.  It’s a catastrophy all right.

I think if our new President, whoever he or she may be and hopefully he or she will be democratic, I think if they do not take back the power from the corporations that run this country, everyone is going to continue to suffer,  Of course, except those rich folks who benefit from the corporations running the country.  We do live in a great country, but unfortunately, things get swept under the rug around here.  Let’s sweep those folks who are unemployed under the rug, those who have no insurance coverage and can’t afford to and who don’t qualify for the “great” governement/state assistance, sweep sweep.  Sweep helping out the gay and lesbian couples, who are probably more family oriented than some heterosexual couples, get same sex partner benefits, the benefits of a “marriage”, and to adopt their children if they are not the biological parent so that they have rights to the child.  Sweep, sweep the “lesser people” under those big old rugs.  Let’s shove all of this somewhere, hide it in the closet, the garage, until the world obesrvers leave.  Then everyone can continue to think we’re a country that has it together in all aspects.  Yep, we’re lucky to live in the US, but there are lots of things that need some work before we’re as great as everyone thinks we are, and these things are HERE.  They aren’t overseas in the Holy Land.  They aren’t in Mexico or Russia or anywhere else.  They’re HERE!!  We need to “fix” the things that need fixing in our country before we  even think of taking on the task of “fixing up” another.   These things have been ignored way too long and I’m fed up! 

So Mr. or Madam President to be, I hope you get your ass in gear and do what you say you will.  Way too many people depend on YOU!   I AM DEPENDING ON YOU!  


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Cyber Crop Coming 01/30 Through 02/03 at TallyScrapper!

You’d think I work for TallyScrapper as much as I talk about it, but honestly I don’t.  I just love it that much!  I’ve found such a wonderful group of ladies -and gents!- and made some great friends.  I can’t wait to meet them all at some point!

 Get ready because Tally’s cyber crops are over-the-top fun!  The design team posts some awesome challenges with awesome prizes to the winners.  There are usually scheduled chats throughout the weekend-so much fun, and some games and give-aways, all those things that make a great cyber crop and then some! 

 No matter where you are in your scrapping, join us!!  It is THE best place for scrappers on the Internet!! 

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Post Secrets

Do you anticipate Sunday afternoons and the new Post Secrets Postcards as much as I do?  Why on earth would something like this be so addictve?  I feel like I’m looking through someone’s bedside table or snooping in their desk or something.   Oh, and if you know a way to view the archives on this site would you please share it with me? 

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do this or not, but here are some of my faves from this week.  I apologize in advance and will remove them immediately if instructed to do so.  What’s that quote? It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission? 

If you haven’t been to this site, GO!  If you look in medicine cabinets when you visit someone when you go to the bathroom, GO!  I promise you’ll be hooked!

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My Very First Layouts Versus Some of My Latest

The second page of this layout was a total scraplift, and now I can’t remember from which magazine, but I loved it.  The pages I did after this one weren’t nearly as good in my opinion, because I was using my own ideas and as a beginner, they weren’t all that great.  I had to get used to using tools and embellishments I’d never used in cardmaking as well as much larger paper.


Then they became cutesy ways to document the happenings in a toddler’s life.  This one particularly interesting.  He just happened to put the battery-operated Thomas on the top of his head while the wheels were running and of course, LOTS of hair got tangled up in the wheels and there was LOTS of screaming!  Of course, I laughed and wanted to get the camera, but Pat said, “He’s in pain!”  Well….darn it!


Now I try to document the life of this 4-year-old for him to look back on hopefully with a little love for his Mom and all her hard work, but I’m also expanding my ideas for layouts.  I USED to be pretty good at drawing and painting and pastel drawings and somewhere along the way I stopped all that for photography and then that kind of tapered off as well.  Until I started scrapbooking, my creativity was gone.  Now I feel like it’s slowly coming back.  I’m not starting with a completely blank piece of white paper and a pencil, and then rendering a drawing of Jake, but I use my photography along with great papers and embellishments and colors and I still feel just as if I’ve painted a beach scape with oils or a sketch of some great old barn.




I can document the special events and birthdays and Christmases with all the themed papers, and I can also write him love notes and maybe some life lessons I’ve learned that perhaps will help him along the way. 

 Lost was my ability to feel like I could create anymore until I “created” a little miracle called Jake.  Found was a bit of creativity still left inside once I discovered scrapbooking!

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As If Time Had Not Passed

Saturday evening, despite the prediction of more snow, which didn’t amount to much, I met my friends for dinner as we’d planned.  I was excited, but not nervous and not concerned at all that things wouldn’t go well.  Jake and I were a little early and I hadn’t thought to ask what type of car they’d be in, but when I saw the blue Toyota, I knew.  Mandy’s favorite color: Blue. Mandy’s favorite car maker: Toyota.  It is good to have constants in life, isn’t it?  

We sat down, ordered, and time slid back to the last day we had talked 13 years ago and we picked up where we left off.   It was fun and easy and comfortable and Jake was sitting with Mandy at another booth watching the snowfall before it was all over as if he’d known her always. 

I am not the only one who felt this.  Here is part of the e-mail I got this morning from Lisa:

” Jan –  I am not sure how you felt about our getting together Saturday, but
to me it seems so hard to believe 13 years have gone by without your
friendship.  I felt completely relaxed talking to you, and am so happy you
took the initiative to e-mail me.  I just wanted to say thank you for
giving me and our friendship a second chance.  I hope our friendship will
endure any rough patches or ups and downs that might come our way, and also
that I am better equipped to handle it.  Jake is really a lucky boy – and
he is so sweet.”

I don’t think I could have asked for things to go any better and I’m looking forward to seeing them this Saturday, as we’ve been invited for a cookout and some fun on their Wii for Jake. 

I know time will tell, but I’m living in the moment this year and not spending precious time doing things I don’t have to.  I consider this a blessing and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Can’t forget that with what little snow we did get, there had to be some attempts at catching a few snow flakes on your tongue!


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Finally, Jake got to see a real snowfall!!  He had a blast yesterday making snow angels, throwing snowballs at me, and I helped him build two 12 inch snowmen who we left sitting on our deck furniture.  Jake wanted to bring one of them inside, but I had to explain the whole snow melts thing.  This morning, he got up and looked out side.  His little voice was so sad when he said, “The dirt is hiding the snow!”  More explaining after that, but I understand there is the possibility of some more snow tonight.  I hope so for his sake.  I love seeing him so excited and I realized he was seeing this for the first time in his life and how special a moment it was to hear his huge “gasp” when he looked out the window yesterday morning.  What a blessing!




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