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Check it out!

This week is my turn to issue the challenge on the I am {I|nspiration blog!  Tell me what you think!

Oh, and TGIF!!


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Amazing what a little paint will do!-Edited to add photos

We moved into this house about 3-1/2 years ago.  Everything was painted with the usual two-tone paint of cream walls with white moldings.  That’s nice, but definitely needed sprucing up.  I wanted to start with Jake’s room because I felt he needed his own space first since I wasn’t sure how the move would effect him.  Since he was so fascinated by maps, we went with a travel theme and found a couple of great maps to hang on the walls.  Since then, he can point out all the states if you ask them where they are and about 15 countries!  Oh, and he’s potty trained so no changing pad! lol






Then I felt like I needed to make my office a little more me.  I was going to go with something beachy, but when I started looking at colors, a Behr color called Spicy Cayenne spoke to me.  Here’s my office/Scraproom right after I painted.  It’s getting ready to undergo a major clean sweep soon, maybe even this weekend so everything will be arranged differently. Anyway, you can see the color in these pictures.




A year or so went by, and we couldn’t decide what to do next.  When really everything needs fresh paint, it can be a bit overwhelming.  The dining room would be easy, but can’t decide on a color.  The kitchen is the biggest job so we’re waiting on that.  Living room, need to rent scaffolds because of high ceilings, let’s wait.  Okay, the bedroom.  A caramel color for the walls, and two shades, each one shade lighter than each other for the tray ceiling.  Bring the room in a little and make it cozier.  Decided on a glidden color, but had the nice gal at Home Depot mix the color with Behr paint.  I’m sold on this paint brand and will never use anything else.  (Of course, as long as it continues to be a great product!)  So, we still have to paint the ceiling, another weekend for that, but it’s amazing the difference.  Check out the before and after shots. 



We have plans to change out the ceiling fan, purchase some window treatments of some type, and new bedding.  I think since the floor tile in the bathroom has blue in it that a brown and blue combo in the bedding would be nice and tie both rooms together. 

More pics once we get the ceiling painted!!  Thanks for looking!


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You {I}nspired

Here is my Special Announcement!  I was asked to be a part of a great new challenge blog created by a wonderful woman, Rachel (also known as TallyHo on TallyScrapper)!!  Two other lovelies are also part of the blog, Leah and Christi (LatteGrand), and I am so excited to be a part of this with them!! 

From Rachel:

“How it WORKS

1. You can create your OWN challenge for yourself. It can be as simple as setting a new goal, or renewing an old one. It can be as complicated as trying out 20 different things. Check out the {I}nspired team to get ideas of how to share your stuff.
2. You can commit to joining an existing challenge group. Let me know about it here!
3. Maybe you missed out on a challenge, and you still want to DO it!? Then DO IT!! Show us here!
4. Every week, I will post with either a new challenge I find that I like, or a challenge for you.
4. You can play or not, but leave a comment!! Let me know what you are working on, and how you are doing in the challenges you have chosen for yourself!The idea here, is to find inspiration. You share, and I will share. Let me know where YOU are finding yours!” Join us, won’t you?? 
P.S. Can’t tell you the secret until the end of the month! I’m not expecting or anything like that. It’s a scrap-related secret! tee hee


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Not only a secret, but a special something coming soon as well!

I know it’s silly, but I have to make you come back to see what they are! What’s that laugh you do, Leah??  Bwahahahaha!


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I have a secret….

That’s all I’m saying for now. 


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Week Two: TallyScrapper Survivor

So here’s week two of the TallyScrapper Survivor challenge.  I did the challenge, but definitely bent the rules a little.
Survivor- Week 2post new layout
Created by: Christine
Prizes: details below
Winners: 5
Date: 02/14 to 02/20 (midnight PST)
Description: Survivor Week 2! This week your challenge is to get low with your camera. Your photo must be taken from the floor. You must be laying horizontal when  you take your picture. Your photo can be shot horizontal or you can shoot up. As long as you, the photographer, is on the ground!

  1. Once you have your image, you must do a layout with that picture.
  2. Your photo must be stitched to your paper.
  3.  It must have the colors black, red and pink…afterall, it is Valentine’s Day!

So I used “shades” of pink and red, I did take my picture from the floor looking up at the flowers, but I didn’t stitch my photos.  I’m not a sewing person, and no joke, the sewing machine I have is my great-grandmother’s portable.  I use the word “portable” very loosely, as the dang thing weighs so much the handle broke from all the stress put on it.  I’d guess the thing weighs about 50 pounds, so needless to say, dragging that thing out of my closet to run a couple of stitches around two photos just wasn’t happening.  I did try rub-on stitches, but didn’t think they suited the layouts-hence the distressed look to my photos, as I sanded off the rub-ons.
Oh, and of course, this layout was done before I read all the instructions and then I realized it wasn’t meant for the challenge, and I had to do another. 
I kind of failed miserably as far as following the directions on this one.  Heck, NOT following directions runs in my family so I’m blaming it on them.   If all else fails, read the directions; that’s our motto!

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Valentine’s Day, Birthday Party, & Scrapbooking

Is this not the funniest thing??  At first glance it looks like a sweet vintage postcard, but then you get the truth about Peggy!


I received some beautiful pink roses and sweet cards for Valentine’s Day from Jake, Pat, my mom, Alicia (DillyDally Tally), and some other family members.  We had our annual V-Day party with the ladies in my family on Sunday the 10th.  Of course there was good fun and loads of fun.   In the photo below a few ladies scurry to fill everyone’s bags with the goodies they have for them. 

I made Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Roasted Chicken Legs for my lunch contribution.  VERY YUMMY!!! 


Oh, and here are my roses!


This past Saturday, I spent the morning at the local scrapbook store with my friend, Lisa.  It was her first visit since starting scrapbooking just a week ago!  I love that she’s interested in scrapping and that we can do it together.   We had a great lunch and then later Saturday evening, I went over to her house and helped her with a layout and scrapped a bit myself.  I couldn’t believe that it was midnight when I finally looked at my watch.  We laughed and cried (Well, I did.) and really enjoyed being friends again. 

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to go to for Alexandria, the daughter of a good friend of Pat’s.  She is turning 2 years old.  Jake had a blast and when time to go came, he was not happy at all.  I’m hoping this love of playing with other kids is going to help ease the trauma of starting preschool or kindergarten come fall. 

Sunday, Jake woke up with a pretty bad cold that only worsened as the day went on.  I’ll be so glad when spring comes and we can get him well!  I hate to see him all stuffy and miserable. 

So here is one layout I completed this weekend.  It was supposed to be for TallyScrapper’s Survivor Challenge, but I was a dummy and didn’t read all the directions, especially the part about the pink, red, and black papers!  Oh well, I love how this layout turned out.  I’ll post the challenge itself with the correct layout as soon as I get it finished.


I have another project to post so I’ll be back for that!

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