TAGGED! Once again!

I hope you ladies know that once you tag me I have no one else to tag! LOL! 

Five things you want to do before you die, based on the movie The Bucket List.

1.  Get Healthy!!  Not to get too heavy, pardon the pun, but I’m coming clean. I KNOW I have an eating disorder and all I know to do is pray that I can get some control over it.  I think I can eat like all my slim and trim friends and I can’t!  I have a visit to my doctor scheduled and this is one of the top things I want to discuss with her because I cannot do this on my own.
2. On the lighter side, hehe, I want to live in a foreign country for a while.  England, Scotland, Italy, France…That so appeals to me.
3. Be debt free. 
4. See the rest of the United States that I haven’t visited.
5. Raise my son to be a kind and compassionate human being and teach him to live life to the fullest and stand by his morals.

Okay….not sure who I can tag so I’ll be back!


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