Valentine’s Day, Birthday Party, & Scrapbooking

Is this not the funniest thing??  At first glance it looks like a sweet vintage postcard, but then you get the truth about Peggy!


I received some beautiful pink roses and sweet cards for Valentine’s Day from Jake, Pat, my mom, Alicia (DillyDally Tally), and some other family members.  We had our annual V-Day party with the ladies in my family on Sunday the 10th.  Of course there was good fun and loads of fun.   In the photo below a few ladies scurry to fill everyone’s bags with the goodies they have for them. 

I made Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Roasted Chicken Legs for my lunch contribution.  VERY YUMMY!!! 


Oh, and here are my roses!


This past Saturday, I spent the morning at the local scrapbook store with my friend, Lisa.  It was her first visit since starting scrapbooking just a week ago!  I love that she’s interested in scrapping and that we can do it together.   We had a great lunch and then later Saturday evening, I went over to her house and helped her with a layout and scrapped a bit myself.  I couldn’t believe that it was midnight when I finally looked at my watch.  We laughed and cried (Well, I did.) and really enjoyed being friends again. 

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to go to for Alexandria, the daughter of a good friend of Pat’s.  She is turning 2 years old.  Jake had a blast and when time to go came, he was not happy at all.  I’m hoping this love of playing with other kids is going to help ease the trauma of starting preschool or kindergarten come fall. 

Sunday, Jake woke up with a pretty bad cold that only worsened as the day went on.  I’ll be so glad when spring comes and we can get him well!  I hate to see him all stuffy and miserable. 

So here is one layout I completed this weekend.  It was supposed to be for TallyScrapper’s Survivor Challenge, but I was a dummy and didn’t read all the directions, especially the part about the pink, red, and black papers!  Oh well, I love how this layout turned out.  I’ll post the challenge itself with the correct layout as soon as I get it finished.


I have another project to post so I’ll be back for that!


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