Week Two: TallyScrapper Survivor

So here’s week two of the TallyScrapper Survivor challenge.  I did the challenge, but definitely bent the rules a little.
Survivor- Week 2post new layout
Created by: Christine
Prizes: details below
Winners: 5
Date: 02/14 to 02/20 (midnight PST)
Description: Survivor Week 2! This week your challenge is to get low with your camera. Your photo must be taken from the floor. You must be laying horizontal when  you take your picture. Your photo can be shot horizontal or you can shoot up. As long as you, the photographer, is on the ground!

  1. Once you have your image, you must do a layout with that picture.
  2. Your photo must be stitched to your paper.
  3.  It must have the colors black, red and pink…afterall, it is Valentine’s Day!

So I used “shades” of pink and red, I did take my picture from the floor looking up at the flowers, but I didn’t stitch my photos.  I’m not a sewing person, and no joke, the sewing machine I have is my great-grandmother’s portable.  I use the word “portable” very loosely, as the dang thing weighs so much the handle broke from all the stress put on it.  I’d guess the thing weighs about 50 pounds, so needless to say, dragging that thing out of my closet to run a couple of stitches around two photos just wasn’t happening.  I did try rub-on stitches, but didn’t think they suited the layouts-hence the distressed look to my photos, as I sanded off the rub-ons.
Oh, and of course, this layout was done before I read all the instructions and then I realized it wasn’t meant for the challenge, and I had to do another. 
I kind of failed miserably as far as following the directions on this one.  Heck, NOT following directions runs in my family so I’m blaming it on them.   If all else fails, read the directions; that’s our motto!

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One response to “Week Two: TallyScrapper Survivor

  1. LOL Jan, you are so funny girl.
    BOTH layouts are fantastic!!

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