You {I}nspired

Here is my Special Announcement!  I was asked to be a part of a great new challenge blog created by a wonderful woman, Rachel (also known as TallyHo on TallyScrapper)!!  Two other lovelies are also part of the blog, Leah and Christi (LatteGrand), and I am so excited to be a part of this with them!! 

From Rachel:

“How it WORKS

1. You can create your OWN challenge for yourself. It can be as simple as setting a new goal, or renewing an old one. It can be as complicated as trying out 20 different things. Check out the {I}nspired team to get ideas of how to share your stuff.
2. You can commit to joining an existing challenge group. Let me know about it here!
3. Maybe you missed out on a challenge, and you still want to DO it!? Then DO IT!! Show us here!
4. Every week, I will post with either a new challenge I find that I like, or a challenge for you.
4. You can play or not, but leave a comment!! Let me know what you are working on, and how you are doing in the challenges you have chosen for yourself!The idea here, is to find inspiration. You share, and I will share. Let me know where YOU are finding yours!” Join us, won’t you?? 
P.S. Can’t tell you the secret until the end of the month! I’m not expecting or anything like that. It’s a scrap-related secret! tee hee


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4 responses to “You {I}nspired

  1. Little Windy

    The idea sounds very interesting.

  2. But I won’t beeeee here at the end of the month!! Can’t you just tell ‘lil ol me? *bats eyelashes*
    *sigh* Well, I guess I can wait, but I’m going to pout about it, okay?

  3. haha, nice blog, keep the work and i will visit again

  4. oohhh can’t wait to see what it is!

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