Amazing what a little paint will do!-Edited to add photos

We moved into this house about 3-1/2 years ago.  Everything was painted with the usual two-tone paint of cream walls with white moldings.  That’s nice, but definitely needed sprucing up.  I wanted to start with Jake’s room because I felt he needed his own space first since I wasn’t sure how the move would effect him.  Since he was so fascinated by maps, we went with a travel theme and found a couple of great maps to hang on the walls.  Since then, he can point out all the states if you ask them where they are and about 15 countries!  Oh, and he’s potty trained so no changing pad! lol






Then I felt like I needed to make my office a little more me.  I was going to go with something beachy, but when I started looking at colors, a Behr color called Spicy Cayenne spoke to me.  Here’s my office/Scraproom right after I painted.  It’s getting ready to undergo a major clean sweep soon, maybe even this weekend so everything will be arranged differently. Anyway, you can see the color in these pictures.




A year or so went by, and we couldn’t decide what to do next.  When really everything needs fresh paint, it can be a bit overwhelming.  The dining room would be easy, but can’t decide on a color.  The kitchen is the biggest job so we’re waiting on that.  Living room, need to rent scaffolds because of high ceilings, let’s wait.  Okay, the bedroom.  A caramel color for the walls, and two shades, each one shade lighter than each other for the tray ceiling.  Bring the room in a little and make it cozier.  Decided on a glidden color, but had the nice gal at Home Depot mix the color with Behr paint.  I’m sold on this paint brand and will never use anything else.  (Of course, as long as it continues to be a great product!)  So, we still have to paint the ceiling, another weekend for that, but it’s amazing the difference.  Check out the before and after shots. 



We have plans to change out the ceiling fan, purchase some window treatments of some type, and new bedding.  I think since the floor tile in the bathroom has blue in it that a brown and blue combo in the bedding would be nice and tie both rooms together. 

More pics once we get the ceiling painted!!  Thanks for looking!



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2 responses to “Amazing what a little paint will do!-Edited to add photos

  1. Wow, I really love the color of your scraproom, too! And the blue and brown together will be gorgeous….can’t wait to see it when you’re done!

    Btw, how cool that Jake knows so much geography already…wtg, little man!

  2. The colors are so gorgeous!! I love the color of both of them, but the bedroom really speaks to me. I’ve been wanting to paint our bedroom since we moved in too. Maybe this spring!

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