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Mini Book Give-Away!

Just for fun, I thought I’d do a little give-away here.  I made this mini book with Top-Line Creations’ Pocketbookz mini book and the Our Daughter kit.  It’s very cute and ready for you to add your favorite photos.  The book is 4 x 4 and accordion style, and certainly you can add more embellishments if you’d like!  If you’d like to win this just leave a post here and I’ll announce the winner (by random number generator) on Friday of this week! 




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One room down and too many more to go!

Yep, it’s started, an official spring cleaning here at the homestead.  First off, we need to get rid of the clutter big time!  Second, I’m craving simplicity and feel like I’m unorganized inside when my outside is unorganized.  Do you ever feel that way?  And unfortunately third, there are some issues going on where Pat works that could affect us badly or not financially.  Hopefully, these issues will be resolved and we won’t have to make any decisions as far as selling our house.  I pray that we don’t, not because of the material aspect that it’s a nice house, but because it’s our home.  It’s the first home that Jake will remember, it’s in a fantastic neighborhood, and he’ll go to the same schools I went to as a child.  It will be very sad if we have to do this. 

Stability is hard to come by anymore, it seems.  Gone are the days of retirement parties and thanks for your contribution to the company all these years.  Left are bottom lines and money hungry suits with six figure salaries who don’t care if you have a family.  Anyway, I digress.

So for all three reasons, we’re spring cleaning, purging, and organizing.  I started with what I knew would be a tough room for me, my office/scraproom.  The closet was fully of craft supplies and office supplies and even a chest of drawers!  I had papers everywhere that needed to be sorted through, scrapping supplies all over the place-It was just a wreck.  Well two weeks from the start here’s what I have today!  Whew! I can breath in the room now, the walls aren’t closing in, and when I start my new job on Monday, I’ll have a clean space to work in. 





Now if every room in the house was cleaned up and out like this one, I’d be in domestic heaven!!  At least until the toys came back out again.  Oh, well, toys along with everything else, make it our home.  Say a prayer for us, would you?

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Easter Sunday and Soccer Practice

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year.  Besides the religious aspect of Easter, it also means time with my family, which if you’ve read my blog, you know how important it is to me.  After church with my friend, Lisa, we headed down to my grandmother’s.  Unfortunately not everyone was able to make it, but even so, we had a nice time.  Jake and Will were the only kids there and their cousin Mayce was so great to hide eggs for them.

Here are a few pics.  Will has a tough time with a natural-looking smile for the camera.  Poor Jake squints at the sun, just like his mommie did in all her childhood photos. 




Look at these next two photos.  The first one I played around with in Picnik, leaving a circle of black and white around the kids.  The newspaper delivery box bugged me so I asked some of the very talented ladies over at TallyScrapper if they knew how I could get rid of the box.  Now, I know nothing about Photoshop, but look at the second photo!!  Chris B. helped me with this.  Is it not great with just the kids in color???  And did you notice, no mailbox!!  How the heck did she do that??  Leah also sent her version and wow! No freaking mailbox!  I gotta learn this stuff!




Have you ever heard eggs called “Hen Fruit”???  LOL!  My dad always called them that and for some reason it’s stuck in my mind. 

Oh, and here is the Evil Egg Coloring Scientist!  HeHeHe!  Take that all you hen fruit!


 And, now for a soccer practice update.  Maybe I didn’t actually post about Jake starting soccer, but he did, and the Orange Crush team has one more practice before their first game.  Well, they need about another month. LOL!  Jake has a hard time doing anything but jumping, and for some reason, he is just fascinated with looking at the other kids.  Bless the coach’s heart, too, for being so patient with these talking, jumping, inattentive 4 year olds. 


Do they actually have anything to stretch? 


Let me tell you, they cry when they get hurt. They get mad if someone takes their ball from them.  It’s pretty funny actually to watch.  But man, you so want them to do well.  As long as he has fun, that’s what  matters.  That, and he looks cute in his cleats! LOL!

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Purging My Rubber Stamps

Since scrapbooking has fast become my favorite of all hobbies, I no longer make cards wtih my stamps aside from Christmas or Halloween and sometimes Easter.  I’m hooked on the beautiful papers made for scrapbooking or any paper art and all the embellishments out there.  For me, it’s much easier to make a card now without the ink and powder and heat gun.  So, out of the five boxes I had filled with rubber stamps, I’m now down to three.  Here’s some pics of the ones I’m going to list on e-bay.  Some are sold to fellow TallyScrappers, but most will be going up soon for auction.  Remember to click on the picture for a larger version.






Now the job is to get them all scanned and listed!  Feels good though to at least have a start on this!

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More Layouts to Share

I have some more layouts to share that I managed to do on my weekend away.  I’m missing that scrap time for sure!

I recently ordered some paper from Bisous, a Canadian company and man I love these papers!  I added only the photo and the letters to this one.  The papers are great when you want to scrap, but maybe you don’t have a lot of time to pull out your entire stash to create a layout.   This layout was literally done in under 10 minutes. 


The picture on this layout was taken for a photo challenge and I just love it.  I am definitely going to add some journaling to this page. 


And here’s another done for a challenge called “10 for 10.”  The challenge was to list 10 goals you want to achieve in 10 years and use 10 of any item/embellishment.  I used 10 brads and 10 buttons.


Well, gotta get back to work and get my day going.  Sure wish I could scrap because I have some layouts in my head that I’d really love to do.  There are some great challenges over at TallyScrapper so check them out!

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New Layouts

So I guess not only was my friend smoking this past weekend, but so was I!  Hehe!  At least as far as scrapbooking was concerned, that is.  I packed up paper and embellies and such to take with me for the weekend and had a blast.  Guess I found my groove despite my red eyeballs. 

I think this is my favorite layout from the weekend.  It all just came together so easily and there’s not much to it, but I really love it.


Jake surprised us by doing a really good job writing his name for the first time.  I just had to get the picture and of course the layout had to be done.


This is Pat and Jake.  I know the socks with sandals is quite offensive, but you can’t tell Pat that wearing them is out.  She’s all about comfort and for some reason, she loves them.  At least, I have asserted myself when it comes to Jake wearing them.  : )


Here is a card that I made with the March kit from TallyScrapper.  Love those extra large eyelets! The card is 6 x 6 so you can see how large they are. 


I think this is the cutest picture of Jake’s cousin, Will, and just had to do a layout with it.  He’s only a few months older than Jake and they get along really well. 


I’ve still got a few more to upload so I’ll be back!  Hope you like these and they inspire you to scrap!

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Whew! So glad to be home!

I was so looking forward to my “Mommie’s Weekend Away” and had always thought I’d do this on my own and just enjoy the quiet and being alone.  I let myself be convinced by an old friend, we’ll call her PCW to do this weekend together.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my friend.  You can hear the big BUT coming, can’t you?  BUT! (See, there it is!)  I was a moron and forgot that she still smokes!  First off, I understand the addiction.  Second, I didn’t want our weekend to start off on the wrong foot, so when she asked about smoking in my car, I said it was fine as long as we put a window down.  Needless to say, my car sits now with the windows down and as soon as I can finish up my work, I’m headed out there with a bottle of Febreeze.   So I begin to fret about this and wonder how I’m going to make it through the weekend. 

The first night wasn’t too bad.  The smoke always tend to drift my way, but I managed to deal with it pretty well.  Then I woke up with red eyes and puffy eyelids and a sore throat!  UGH!  Okay, so we go out for a bit and I get some fresh air.  Now, I AM enjoying myself being with PCW, but the smoke is so tough on me that it’s really hard to stay in a good mood.  We grab lunch and head back to the hotel.  We started to put together a jigsaw puzzle, which was super fun, and PCW decides she’s going to nap….and smoke at the same time.  I’m trying not to freak as I see her doze off and the hand with the ciggie falls toward the super flamable polyester bedspread or the carpet made by “Up in Smoke Before You Know it.”  Finally, I tell her she’d better put that cigarette out before she burns the hotel down.  She laughs and does so, thank goodness!! 

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound like a butt, and I did have a great time, but man if you could see my eyes!  I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to recover! 

I know when my mom’s husband was still smoking, he would get horribly irate if anyone said anything to him about not smoking around them.   He didn’t feel they had a right to tell him not to smoke. Well, you know that all things happen for a reason??  My mom’s hubby got pneumonia and was very sick for a while….but he doesn’t smoke anymore.  My dad got pneumonia….and he doesn’t smoke anymore.   I guess I’m not REALLY wishing for PCW to get pneumonia, but you can see why I might!  : )  Only joking, okay???  I’ll blame it on too much second hand smoke!

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