Whew! So glad to be home!

I was so looking forward to my “Mommie’s Weekend Away” and had always thought I’d do this on my own and just enjoy the quiet and being alone.  I let myself be convinced by an old friend, we’ll call her PCW to do this weekend together.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my friend.  You can hear the big BUT coming, can’t you?  BUT! (See, there it is!)  I was a moron and forgot that she still smokes!  First off, I understand the addiction.  Second, I didn’t want our weekend to start off on the wrong foot, so when she asked about smoking in my car, I said it was fine as long as we put a window down.  Needless to say, my car sits now with the windows down and as soon as I can finish up my work, I’m headed out there with a bottle of Febreeze.   So I begin to fret about this and wonder how I’m going to make it through the weekend. 

The first night wasn’t too bad.  The smoke always tend to drift my way, but I managed to deal with it pretty well.  Then I woke up with red eyes and puffy eyelids and a sore throat!  UGH!  Okay, so we go out for a bit and I get some fresh air.  Now, I AM enjoying myself being with PCW, but the smoke is so tough on me that it’s really hard to stay in a good mood.  We grab lunch and head back to the hotel.  We started to put together a jigsaw puzzle, which was super fun, and PCW decides she’s going to nap….and smoke at the same time.  I’m trying not to freak as I see her doze off and the hand with the ciggie falls toward the super flamable polyester bedspread or the carpet made by “Up in Smoke Before You Know it.”  Finally, I tell her she’d better put that cigarette out before she burns the hotel down.  She laughs and does so, thank goodness!! 

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound like a butt, and I did have a great time, but man if you could see my eyes!  I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to recover! 

I know when my mom’s husband was still smoking, he would get horribly irate if anyone said anything to him about not smoking around them.   He didn’t feel they had a right to tell him not to smoke. Well, you know that all things happen for a reason??  My mom’s hubby got pneumonia and was very sick for a while….but he doesn’t smoke anymore.  My dad got pneumonia….and he doesn’t smoke anymore.   I guess I’m not REALLY wishing for PCW to get pneumonia, but you can see why I might!  : )  Only joking, okay???  I’ll blame it on too much second hand smoke!


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  1. Katie

    This is a funny story! I am a smoker, and it’s rare to find non-smokers who understand our addiction, but I must say, I would have smoked outside only, maybe in the car once or twice, but at least she took your few and far between comments well!~

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