Easter Sunday and Soccer Practice

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year.  Besides the religious aspect of Easter, it also means time with my family, which if you’ve read my blog, you know how important it is to me.  After church with my friend, Lisa, we headed down to my grandmother’s.  Unfortunately not everyone was able to make it, but even so, we had a nice time.  Jake and Will were the only kids there and their cousin Mayce was so great to hide eggs for them.

Here are a few pics.  Will has a tough time with a natural-looking smile for the camera.  Poor Jake squints at the sun, just like his mommie did in all her childhood photos. 




Look at these next two photos.  The first one I played around with in Picnik, leaving a circle of black and white around the kids.  The newspaper delivery box bugged me so I asked some of the very talented ladies over at TallyScrapper if they knew how I could get rid of the box.  Now, I know nothing about Photoshop, but look at the second photo!!  Chris B. helped me with this.  Is it not great with just the kids in color???  And did you notice, no mailbox!!  How the heck did she do that??  Leah also sent her version and wow! No freaking mailbox!  I gotta learn this stuff!




Have you ever heard eggs called “Hen Fruit”???  LOL!  My dad always called them that and for some reason it’s stuck in my mind. 

Oh, and here is the Evil Egg Coloring Scientist!  HeHeHe!  Take that all you hen fruit!


 And, now for a soccer practice update.  Maybe I didn’t actually post about Jake starting soccer, but he did, and the Orange Crush team has one more practice before their first game.  Well, they need about another month. LOL!  Jake has a hard time doing anything but jumping, and for some reason, he is just fascinated with looking at the other kids.  Bless the coach’s heart, too, for being so patient with these talking, jumping, inattentive 4 year olds. 


Do they actually have anything to stretch? 


Let me tell you, they cry when they get hurt. They get mad if someone takes their ball from them.  It’s pretty funny actually to watch.  But man, you so want them to do well.  As long as he has fun, that’s what  matters.  That, and he looks cute in his cleats! LOL!


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  1. Chris

    Well they may have nothing to stretch now, but it teaches good habits. I never did soccer, but I did Little League one year. There were 2 girls on the team. And apparently I spent most of my time in the outfield looking for flowers and doing pirouettes. I remember one game they put me on the infield- I had no idea who I was supposed to throw the ball to or anything.

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