One room down and too many more to go!

Yep, it’s started, an official spring cleaning here at the homestead.  First off, we need to get rid of the clutter big time!  Second, I’m craving simplicity and feel like I’m unorganized inside when my outside is unorganized.  Do you ever feel that way?  And unfortunately third, there are some issues going on where Pat works that could affect us badly or not financially.  Hopefully, these issues will be resolved and we won’t have to make any decisions as far as selling our house.  I pray that we don’t, not because of the material aspect that it’s a nice house, but because it’s our home.  It’s the first home that Jake will remember, it’s in a fantastic neighborhood, and he’ll go to the same schools I went to as a child.  It will be very sad if we have to do this. 

Stability is hard to come by anymore, it seems.  Gone are the days of retirement parties and thanks for your contribution to the company all these years.  Left are bottom lines and money hungry suits with six figure salaries who don’t care if you have a family.  Anyway, I digress.

So for all three reasons, we’re spring cleaning, purging, and organizing.  I started with what I knew would be a tough room for me, my office/scraproom.  The closet was fully of craft supplies and office supplies and even a chest of drawers!  I had papers everywhere that needed to be sorted through, scrapping supplies all over the place-It was just a wreck.  Well two weeks from the start here’s what I have today!  Whew! I can breath in the room now, the walls aren’t closing in, and when I start my new job on Monday, I’ll have a clean space to work in. 





Now if every room in the house was cleaned up and out like this one, I’d be in domestic heaven!!  At least until the toys came back out again.  Oh, well, toys along with everything else, make it our home.  Say a prayer for us, would you?


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  1. Oh Jan! Pat and you will be in my prayers. I really hope nothing happens to her job… I know how scary it can be to feel like you are losing your house. we went through that two years ago when Doug was let go from a position due to bogus crap. Anyways, you three will be in my prayers. The scrap room looks amazing!! Good Luck on starting the new job tomorrow!! (and on making the DT!)
    oh.. and the mini album is so pretty! love it!

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