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TallyScrapper’s March Kit and One Year Anniversary!

Being the guest design team on TallyScrapper gets you one of their yummy kits before they go on sale in the store.  The March kit arrived on my doorstep yesterday and man have I had fun with it!  Plus, this kit will only cost $13 and believe me, there is SO much in this kit that it’s shocking the price is so low!  Have you ever tried Glimmer Mist?  Well, I tend to poo-poo anything too messy since I have so little scrapping time.  I’m not too enthusiastic to pull out my paints and such and have such a big mess to clean afterwards.  Let me tell you, Glimmer Mist is awesome!  You just spray it on!  I’m now going to have to look at all the different ways the other scrappers have used it.  It’s a quick way to cover chipboard, that’s for sure!

Here are some layouts I’ve done so far with the kit:





I can’t wait to use up what I have left of the kit!  I did the 6 x 12 layouts because these papers are double-sided and one side is just as pretty as the other so I wanted to be able to get as much out of the kit as possible.  If you haven’t tried the 6 x 12 size, do so!  It’s a fun size to work with.

What’s super exciting is that TallyScrapper is celebrating their first anniversay!  I am so excited about this weekend.  There’s a cyber crop going on with lots of challenges and great prizes.  And, TallyNerd aka SuperNerd aka Mike, is going to reveal the new website! 

 I guess I’m sounding like an advertisement for TallyScrapper again, but like I’ve said, it’s the only scrapping web site for me, and it’s the BEST! 

Congrats Christine and Mike on your first year and here’s to many more!!



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New {I}nspiration Challenge

Be sure to check out this week’s challenge on I am {I}nspiration!!  Here’s a couple of shots I took for this challenge.  I’m not sure I’m through with this challenge though. I like it and may take many more shots over the weekend!!

This one was just an idea I had, Jake peeking in on his Little People.


 Then I was playing around with Jake, standing over him and swinging him, and I just had to take this shot.  Love that face!!


I played around with the color a bit in Picnik.  Very fun site on which to alter your photos. 

Have fun with this one! 

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Secret Revealed!

Some of you may have known already, but I was picked to be the design team’s guest designer for March at TallyScrapper!!!  I am so honored and so excited to be selected!  Yahoo!!  Thanks so much Christine and Rachel!!!

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JamboRead at the Library

Our  local library puts on this event yearly and it’s a really great thing.  I’m sure it gets people into the library that may not normally bring their kids, and it’s a great family day.  There are readings and this year a one-hour play, characters such as Clifford from kids’ books, balloon animals, magic shows, clowns, face painting, free goodies for the kids, and so much I’m probably forgetting. 


 We took Jake again this year and he was able to actually get in the pen with the biggest lop-eared bunny I have ever seen!  The man just scooped Jake up and put him in the pen! 


Jake got a hand painted instead of his face.  Not sure why he didn’t want it on his face, but oh well.  While the face painting was going on, I got in one of the long lines to get an animal balloon.  I was actually in a pretty short line with about 25 kids in front of us compared to the lines on the other two floors, which probably would have taken at least 2 hours as opposed to the 1 hour that I stood. 

The lady behind me had a 2-YO boy.  Now I’m not saying I’m the greatest parent in the world, but I certainly do not let my child run crazy.  This little boy disappeared twice and of course the mom finally got out of line to go look for him.  Thing was, she’d come back to her spot in line, which I would have felt funny about doing, but she was behind me so I figured it was up to the people behind her to say something.  Then Pat and Jake came back over to me, and this little boy decided Jake was going to be his play buddy.  That was fine with Jake at first, but this little boy also decided he was going to run and tackle and plow into Jake.  Jake doesn’t play like that even with his 4-YO cousin, Will, so he was definitely caught off guard.  In fact, he was so caught off guard that the first time the kid plowed into him, he knocked Jake down and of course there was the loud whack of Jake’s head hitting the floor.  This was taking place about 5 yards from the line in which I stood, while Pat was watching the boys.  I realize that Jake is almost twice the kid’s height, but this kid was R-O-U-G-H! The kid’s mother basically said to me that his cousins all play with him that way so that’s the way he plays.  I did say that Jake wasn’t used to that, as he and his cousin don’t play that way.  That’s how I make friends, you know.


Okay, so the first cry was over with and Pat later told me that she told Jake to tell the kid not to pull on him or knock him down.  She also told me that I couldn’t see the kid when he had knocked Jake down and was riding him like a horse.  Good thing I didn’t.  Is there anything wrong with teaching your kid not to play like some hellion?  I certainly don’t want Jake to be a baby about it if he’s ever, WHEN he’s ever picked on or poked fun at, but our idea is to get him in a good dojo where he learns how to handle things with words first and then if necessary he defends himself.  I know, I know, but we’re trying to teach him right from wrong, and I think parent’s forget that sometimes.

Anyway, after getting a little fed up with the whole thing I asked Jake to come and stand by me.  The kid proceeded to run around and do whatever while his mom did nothing.  Pat even told me that she had to pull him away from the top of the stairs.  I mean, he would have broken his neck had he fallen down the stairs.  Mom is still standing in line completely ignoring her kid.  Then the kid spots Jake again and runs with all his might plowing Jake down again.  Caught both of us off guard that time, and Jake went down with his head just an inch or so away from the metal book shelves, whacking it on the floor again.  I leaned down and pulled her kid off of my son and said, “That’s enough!”  Jake thought I was mad at him, but I was doing my best to not lash out at the kid and his mother for being so stupid.  I whispered to Jake that we’d be out of the place in just a minute and that he was okay.  We talked later about what how badly the boy was behaving and what Jake should do next time.  Oh, the mother did make the kid apologize, but only when she saw me getting angry. 

In another phase of my life I would have probably let the woman have it, but I knew I needed to show Jake a better way. Call us pansies or losers or whatever, but I think in the long run, not telling Jake to slug the crap out of the kid was the best thing. ; )

We got that dang balloon beagle though!




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