Turkey Strut Festival!

I live in the south so we have county fairs and “Spring Flings” and “Downtown Alive” and “Music on Main”-all different festivities for everyone to gather and have a great time.  Now, if you go way out in the country, you get the Turkey Struts and the Chicken Pickin’s.  My dad’s a member of his community’s fundraising club, and today the club put on a big Turkey Strut and Chicken Pickin (both together! WOW!) to raise money to build a park for the area.   This was their first and actually I could not believe the number of people coming and going, some coming and going several times during the day.  The Shriner’s were there taking kids for rides on their jallopy-mobiles that made frog noises and chicken noises and had weird sounding horns.  There were games for the kids, some vendors selling all different kinds of things, and live gospel music as well as a good old southern rock band.  Then there was the food.  Festival food does not always thrill me, but these locals really know how to cook!  I had chicken lips, which thankfully were just chunks of chicken STRIPS and some homemade French fries.  Pat had fresh turkey sandwich with a sampling of “Steve’s” Mild, Medium, and Extra Hot sauces.  All three passed the Pat test.  Jake loves corn on the cob and when I saw someone had roasted corn, I got him that and as we were looking for something else, he spied a HUGE pickle jar with humongous dill pickles inside.  THAT was what he wanted.  He loves a good pickle.  I’m not sure how well corn and pickles go together, but the Jakester was quite happy alternating between corn and pickle.

Is he not the cutest??

I also got to see my dad, in charge of the parking lot, cousin Tootie and Barbara her daughter, my great aunt Frances and aunt Mary Anna.  Someone commented if the Striblings hadn’t shown up, there wouldn’t be anyone at the festival.  Yep, we’re a rather large family. 

To me, that’s what made this day extra fun.  Outside with all sorts of fun going on around you, music playing, and seeing family members, some of the working to raise money to better their community.  Yep, it was a great day.



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4 responses to “Turkey Strut Festival!

  1. ~Shirley

    LOL! Chicken lips!!
    the corn and pickle look yummy and yes, Jake is just too cute!!
    Glad you had fun with your family immediate and extended!

  2. Chris

    Sounds like you had a good time. And I think I like Jake’s choice in food. I love corn on the cob and pickles! When we go to the restaurant where my brother works, I often request a pickle plate. It seems like every time he puts more pickles on it for me to eat.

  3. Jake has excellent food choices! love corn on the cob! and Pickles! Sounds like a fun day!!

  4. he is so cute! i cant’ wait to see him and anna together

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