Mid Week Blahs or Age 44?

Man! I am feeling low today!  It’s weird because it started Monday and seems to be getting worse as the week goes on.   I’m sure it’s the overwhelming amount of things I have to get done and the fact that I can’t seem to get ahead on any of it.  Being so sleepy I could literally lay down on the floor here in my office and sleep until tomorrow morning does not help at all.  I guess it could be that I turn 44 on Friday and boy does that number seem kind of high! LOL!  I was just thinking how nice it was to be 29 and POP! my bubble burst. 

Do you feel your age?  I don’t really.  Of course, I have some physical things going on that I could live without like back pain and carpal tunnel and stiff joints, but I’m 29 still in my head dammit! 

Whatever it may be causing these feelings of yuck, I hope it goes away soon.  And don’t say perimenopausal to me either!


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