Busy, but fun weekend-Oh, and a hail storm!

Friday was busy with catching up on papework, paying a few bills, and test driving a couple of cars.  Pat has decided to go with the Toyota Highlander, and she wanted me to drive it and give her my opinion.  We also drove a Saturn Vue just for the heck of it and neither one of us wanted to like it, but we did.  I guess it’s shameful that we were scared of the American-made car or American brand.  Who knows what is made where anymore, but even so, Consumer Reports still rates Toyota and Honda way above the rest.  Anyway, Pat needs a new car, as her 1996 Honda has served us well, but definitely needs to go to that scrapyard in the sky.  Mine is the car we depend on for our long trips, but even still it’s getting close to 10 years old.  Perhaps when I can afford a new car I’ll give the Vue a try.  It may be hard though to pull myself away from my trust in the Honda.

Saturday was a noon-time soccer game.  It was our turn to bring the snacks so I chose those Aquapod water bottles from Deer Park since they had the most in a pack, yogurt-covered raisins, and grapes.  I stressed over what to bring and then two of the kids didn’t show up.  Oh well, Jake has some extra snacks for this week and plenty of bottled water.  I could really tell this time that Jake has actually learned a bit about the game!  He is dribbling better and getting in there more to try and get the ball.  If he hears his name though, his attention turns to the sidelines and away from the game.  Guess we can’t yell, “Go Jake!”  LOL! 

We had lunch at a local hot dog joint where my 4 YO flirts with some female soccer players of the 10 YO age range and then we went home for a break before going for dinner with friends.   We’d just gotten home and my dad came knocking!  He was in town for training, as he has a weekend coming up where he will be spending four days at a local prison with the ministry he’s a part of.  He said he couldn’t just drive on by and had to stop and see Jake for a while.  Of course, that ended up in some fun for Jake.  Papa and he boxed and tickled, and rough-housed until it was time for Jake to have his bath.  My dad laughed about how sticky and sweaty Jake was from his soccer game and it was a hoot seeing my dad try to get Jake’s shin guards and sock off.  I love watching my dad with Jake.  He’s so good with him and Jake really loves him.

As we were getting things ready to go to Mandy and Lisa’s for dinner, it started to rain and the wind really picked up.  It had gotten so dark so quickly.  I was in the kitchen preparing a side dish to take with us when the hail started.  It was incredible how fast it started and how much came down!  Now, this was nothing like the hail storm I was in a few years ago where baseball sized hail did almost $4,000 in damage to my car, but it was pretty spectacular.  It fell in such quantity and so fast that you couldn’t take your eyes off it.  When I looked out the front door, it actually looked as if someone was on our roof, pouring ice out of bucket onto our front steps.   When it finally stopped, it had made a mess of our planting beds right at the door, pushing the dirt out into the walkway.  How remarkable Mother Nature is with a wind and hail storm one instant and the next the sun is shining and the rain is evaporating as steam from the roads. 

If you’ve been reading, you know that Lisa is the friend I’ve reunited with.  Every time I get to visit with her it just secures the fact that I made the right decision to contact her and makes me even more grateful that I did.  Plus, I had not seen Pat laugh as much in a while.  It was a great time.  We had wonderfully grilled chicken, fresh corn on the cob, the potato dish I made, and a cucumber/tomato salad.  Jake played the Wii with Lisa’s niece, Haleigh, and he had a blast sitting at the “kids'” table talking to Haleigh and her friend as if he were a 10-YO, too. 

Today, I’m working, but at least I’ve had a fun weekend to take me back into the work week.  I hope you all had as nice a weekend as we did, and a great week ahead!



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