Holy Shitake Mushroom!

I only read a few blogs other than my own and another I contribute to, and eventually I’ll get around to linking the rest of my faves here, but a must read every morning is Pioneer Woman.  Her photography is freaking fantastic, her writing is more than just humerous, and I feel a certain kinship to this redhead (I’m a read head, too.) for some reason, even though she probably thinks I’m a weirdo if she even reads my comments to begin with.  Anyway, she is giving away a NIKON D80 AND an HP photo printer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you have any clue how badly I want that camera???  I don’t think I can even express how much I want a new digi SLR since my poor old Minolta bit the dust.  Oh, I have a little digi Kodak camera that takes pretty good pics, but I can’t get artsy fartsy with it like I want to, and the zoom and macro just don’t zoom and mac enough.  Man, if I could win one thing in my life and never anything else, this would be it.  (I’m excluding the lottery here people!  Come on, I’m not THAT dumb!)  Is it selfish of me to pray to win this contest?  I guess it is a bit, but maybe if I ask for forgiveness for being selfish and explain how this camera would complete me, that would take the edge off??  Crap, I want that camera!


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