My Poems for 06/02 and 06/03 – I am {I}nspired Blog

If you haven’t checked out thismonth’s challenge on I am {I}inspired, then please do.  We’re challenging you to write poetry this week, one poem a day for a total of five.

Here are my attempts for Monday:

I’d lost a friend over silliness for sure,
and afterwards I simply could not get over her.
Fourteen years went by like the wind.

I thought I was over everything,
had moved on in my life, but I couldn’t let it go.
I wrote that e-mail and clicked “send.”

That empty space I had is no longer empty.
She’d felt the same way all this time, and missed me, too.
I have my sister again; I have my friend.


And my poem written today:

Sparkling blue eyes
Your smile is a treat
Popsicle on his face
Dirty boy feet
Cars and bikes
Riding scooters on the street
Soccer and tennis
No matter the heat
Bath time and giggles
There’s dinner to eat
Bedtime hugs and kisses
My heart skips a beat
I love you my son
My baby so sweet

How’d I do?





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3 responses to “My Poems for 06/02 and 06/03 – I am {I}nspired Blog

  1. Oh, Jan.. total love for them.. especially the 2nd one.. had a smile on my face the entire time!

  2. starla

    they’re both awesome!

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