How long has it been?

Wow, everyday life sure has gotten in the way of my blogging!  Seems like i never have a minute to myself anymore. 

There has been so much going on!  I’ve enjoyed a great three months on TallyScrapper’s design team.  I really hate to see it come to an end, but there are some really talented ladies trying out, so I can’t wait to see who the next team will be.  Thank you TallyScrapper for making my first DT experience a great one!

I have plenty still to keep me busy though.  Check THIS out:  GutterGirlz!  I’m a design team member for GutterGirlz and you have to check us out!  Here’s what the site is all about:

“Ever wish that you could BE who you wanted to, to SAY what you felt like saying? To USE what you want to use when you create? Are you already free? Do you say what you want to, and fly the finger at anyone who tells you that you CAN’T use something because it’s not acid free? IF you answered yes to any of those questions, then we’d like to welcome you to the gutter!! A place where you are free to BE. Free to DO.”

You simply must check us out!  Come on and get real with us!  The new challenge is up June 30 so show us your art!

Personally, I have started a new job and so far so good.  Very happy with it and the way it’s headed.  And I think paychecks every two weeks is a huge plus!  I hated getting paid once a month with my old job.

Jake!  Man, is he growing up!  I look at my baby at times and I don’t see a baby anymore.  His baby face has turned into this boy child’s face, slim and angled with no baby fat anymore.  He’s getting taller by the minute it seems and the feet!  I’m not sure how I’ll keep him in shoes!  And now he cares about things I’d never thought he’d care about.  Like his hair!  Check it out!  He came home from Snip-its the other day with this new “style.” 

Can you tell it’s spiked in the front?  Same cut I think, but the lady “styled” it for him.  Good grief!  He’s just not supposed to care about this kind of thing yet!  I know I keep saying that, but dang!

Oh!  Big news is Scrapping from the Heart is having it’s 3rd charity crop on July 12, 2008 at Scrapbook Creations in Spartanburg, SC.  The proceeds will benefit SOAR Academy here in Spartanburg, a facility for children with special needs.  If you are in our area, please consider joining us.  Check out our website for more details and for more information about SOAR Academy!

Okay, so I promise not to stay away so long if I can possibly help it.  I’ll leave you with some of my most recent layouts.  Some of these were done with the awesome kits from TallyScrapper, who by the way, is having a cyber crop this weekend and will be ringing in the new design team Monday at midnight! PST, I believe.  And the new kit coming out July 15 was designed by Tally’s own Leah Crow…and let me just say…freaking awesome!!! 

One more thing!  Since I’ve not been good about keeping up with things, how about a peace offering?  Leave a comment and tell me your summer vacation plans and I’ll draw for a scrappy prize! 

PS: Not sure why Jake’s pic is showing up again, and I can’t figure it out so sorry about that!  I’m off to bed!  Thanks for reading!



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11 responses to “How long has it been?

  1. Wow… it doesn’t take much to bring me over here… but let me say this won’t be the last visit! I am sorry that your term for now is over at Tally, but I love your layouts, you are such an inspiration!!! Keep rockin, and enjoy the new job!!! My summer – one word – INLAWS!!! Aaahhhh!

  2. Love your blog…your kiddos hair is adorable…and all of your layouts are just rockin. 🙂

    summer plans for me….working. i AM taking a vacation in the fall to see my family in CO, though!

    have a great week!

  3. Hey girl! We’re spending most of the summer at home… maybe LBI for a week… but we’ll see with the babies…

  4. Donna

    So cute!! I am from Tally. Your layouts are awesome, and your little boy is soooo sweet! I read the poem you wrote on the previous blog entry. I loved it! Don’t they grow up too fast??

  5. Jen K

    Our vactions plans are a few different things. My mom leaves on July 9th for Chicago for a week vactions with friends so we are trying to work out to go to Hershey Park for a day since I am taking her down to their house. But our BIG vaction is 71 days away!!! We are going to Disney World for a week!! I am so excited to go, we were last there in 1995!

  6. how is it that i haven’t visited ur blog before?! Bookmarked!!
    Congrats on your new job 😀
    Let’s see, summer plans.
    My plans are all screwy now!
    4th of july i’m hanging out with a friend i met online and her family. We’re driving three hours to spend the weekend with them (we’ve met them in person before)
    We were supposed to take a short trip somewhere else in the US (undecided) but since steve proposed to me i need to return to my country for a bit to tie up loose ends then return in the fall!:D
    So thats it for my skewy summer plans. Enjoy yours! Love being on the gutter DT with you!!

  7. Hey Jan..having 2 boys I can say once they go over to the other side for the big boy haircut/style it is a tiny little heartbreaker. But let me tell you, he sure looks cute!

    As far as dummer vacation goes…we will be going to Carlsbad and stay at the beach a few days…did I mention legoland..that too !

    Thanks for always being so generous 🙂

  8. Vacation plans? I’m going to Tulsa, Ok. to see friends next weekend after the 4th and then I am going to CKU in Tulsa in August and then to Kansas City the end of August for a crop. I’m also going to Sacramento in October for Scrapbook Expo. All my plans involve SCRAPPING! LOL

  9. Okie dokie…. I’m gonna save this site. I think its cool and I love the fact that you’re on GG’s DT. I’m trying, but time will tell. Love your creations.

    As far as my plans …. we thought about having a stay-cation, but I think this summer I’ll be driving my boys one state over so that I can take them to Six Flags in St. Louis. They’ve never been to a theme park and I’m sure they’ll just freak out!

    Tell about your va/stay -cation!

  10. Barbara

    We are doing alot around the house this summer….. living room painted, guest room painted (daughter moved to Colorado so now I have a guest room) and a new gate along with fence getting painted. Having a few friends over for the 4th and that is it. August I get to go to California for my youngest ones bridal shower and dress fitting (about the only thing I have been able to do with the wedding – it sucks to be so far away) and our main vacationing is happening late ! A week before the wedding ( Sept. 27th ), we are going to California for a week. My brother and wife, sister and two boys and my mom have rented a house two blocks from the beach. So get to spend time with family before the wedding. Then we are broke for the rest of the year !!!!! LOL

  11. Nancy

    Hi Jan!!!
    Of course I’d love to be in on a chance for the goodies. I love stuff and you have great taste in stuff.

    We are getting ready to head out for Michigan tomorrow for a week at camp.
    I will be bookmarking your new blog!

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