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I hope you’re going to vote!  Register, research the candidates, and exercise this right! 

Although I had set my mind on Hilary Clinton, I ventured over to and took their test.  Funny, I had more in common, 83%, with John Edwards and only 79% with Hilary Clinton.  Even so, I think I’m sticking with Hilary.  In my opinion, it’s about dang time we had a woman in the White House, and say what you will about her, I like her and admire her and her husband.

It may surprise people to know that I consider myself independent and try to vote based on the issues, but I think I lean much more left than one would expect.  I totally support gay marriage, universal healthcare, gun control, getting out of the mess Bushy got us in over in Iraq, better education, tax cuts for whatever is considered middle class and under these days, and tax increases for the rich.  Just call me Robin Hood!  I believe in a woman’s right to choose, going green, and the government staying out of my home.  What on earth could they get from a wire tap in my house, but a conversation between a 4 year old and his Papa arguing over whether or not Papa could wear his Cars underwear.   I think the church needs to back out of the goverment and pharmaceutical companies do not need to control our healthcare.  I think marijuana should be legal, but the itsy bitsy conservative in me, has never took a drag in my life. 

Whatever issues you support, the thing we have to remember is that our country was founded on diversity, separation of church and state, FREEDOM!  You are free to have your opinion, speak out about it, and vote however you wish.   I may not agree with you and I’m sure most people where I live do not agree with me, but we have the right do agree to disagree, don’t we? 

VOTE!  Get out there and support whoever you support, but exercise the right.  People think their votes don’t count, but they do!  They do!!  And can I just say, that I hope anyone who might be riding the fence at this point will take a spill off towards the left?  ; )


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Starting Fresh

Have you ever just wanted a do-over?  If I could have one, I’d go back to September of last year (2006) when I decided to start a group on  I’m an avid scrapbooker and instead of always scrapping alone here at home, I thought how nice it would be if I could meet some friends to have over, friends who enjoy scrapping as I do.  Anyway, on Meetup I see that there’s a group of scrapbookers in the next county and decided to start one for my area and see what would happen.  What a nice surprise to get 5 or 6 members so quickly!  Enthusiastically, I scheduled a crop for us, found a clubhouse we could use, made brownies and purchased chips and drinks.  I was ready for friendship!  Then, I spent the night listening to these ladies politely tell me that my starting the group had created an uproar within the “other group”.  They told me they were leaving the group because of one reason or another and how unhappy they were with it and how happy they were that I’d started a new group. 

I go home from this a tad disappointed that there are people “out there” in “the other group” that even cared that I’d started a group.   I was told there were things said that weren’t true about a response I made to the organizer of that group after she sent me an e-mail, which by the way I was very polite and nice and maybe if she read between the lines she could have perhaps seen that I just wanted to mind my own business at this point, but otherwise, I was nice to the woman!

I decided to try and stop some of this dramatic behavior before it even started in “my” group, asking everyone to please keep that kind of thing out of our group, come to me with problems, etc.  Hardy-har-har!!  It went from bad to worse and to just plain MEAN in a matter of less than 6 months.  I could do nothing right, every move I made was scrutinized and criticized.  Please tell me all women’s groups are not like this?

 The only good thing that came out of this whole mess has been a nonprofit organization that I have started with 2 other members.  I feel like I have a friend in one other member as well.

So, how about a do-over?  Yep, I’ll take it!  I’m proud of our nonprofit organization and hope it heads in the direction we want it to.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  Guess I’ll just chalk this up as a lesson learned; although I’m not sure what the lesson is at this point!  Mean people suck?  There are militant scrapbookers in our midst? 

Maybe this was an odd way to start my new blog, not the best way to intro myself, but I felt like this needed to be lifted from my spirit.  You needed to know why I consider this a fresh start.  From here on out, I’ll share scrapbooking inspiration, great web sites I’ve discovered for you to try, and hand out some blog candy here and there with a contest or two!  You’ll find out how my friends and I turned scrapbooking for the day into a way of helping others.  So stay tuned!! 


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