South Carolina TallyRally

  1. Jan S. – deposit paid
  2. LesleyRose-deposit paid
  3. Nikki Z – deposit paid
  4. Scrapperoni, Roni – deposit paid
  5. Jess (TallyLibrarian) – deposit paid
  6. Breann – deposit paid
  7. Susan VictorianGirl) – deposit paid
  8. Sarah (HerHighness  – deposit paid
  9. CreatedMonster (Nicole) – deposit paid
  10. LauraJean – deposit paid
  11. Rhonda (Roni’s friend) – deposit paid

HERE’S OUR LIST LADIES!!  I’ll let you all know when the balance is due!


LAST UPDATED 07/02/2008:

I finally had time today to go drop off the deposits that I’ve received and talk to Anita at the store who is in charge of the cottage.  Since this is a new thing for the store, figuring out the best way to do things is still a work in progress, and I can understand this because in any business it does take time to figure out the best way to do things. 

First off, I got to see the cottage!! It’s adorable!  It will sleep up to 10 with one person per bed.  8 full size beds and 2 sleeper sofas.  I also think there is still room for my queen air mattress so we’re good to go for 11 or more, again, if anyone is open to sharing a bed.  It has a full kitchen as well.  Each room  has the two full beds and has a full bath and there’s a half bath in the hall.  Of course, whoever sleeps on the sofas will have to shower in one of the bathrooms in the bedrooms, but no big deal.

The only change they have made is food related.  We get breakfast in the cottage only.  Lunch and dinner we are on our own.  Dinner was on our own anyway, so it’s just the lunch that they’ve changed. Honestly, I think this is still a great deal because you still get:

2 nights in the cottage

Crop time in the store Friday 10 am until midnight, Saturday 8 am until midnight and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm. 10,000 sf of scrapbook store as well as the ice cream/sandwich shop.

Every person gets a welcome gift.

There are prizes and they try to have enough for every person to win something.

At least 4 x 4 feet of table space, use of their tools, 12 x 12 printer and wireless internet.

NOW, for Robin and Kristie who had asked about getting in on the goodies, but not staying in the cottage.  According to Anita, this charge is $100.  I think it’s a bit high, but you are getting in on everything except the 2 nights in the cottage.  Same amount of cropping time, same welcome basket, prizes, etc.  If you decide to join us, send your check to me made out to Scrapbook Creations.

So that’s it for now.  We’re officially down on the calender since I’ve paid those deposits.  I just need the remainder of the deposits as soon as you can manage. 

It’s like Anita told me, feasibly, we could have 48 people in the crop room because that’s what it will hold, so if you’re okay with the $100 and staying elsewhere, join us! 

If you have any questions, just TM me!!












Ladies, I have updated the list below and you can see that so far I’ve gotten one deposit and one payment in full.  Remember that the deposit is $53.50 as soon as you can get it to me, and the balance due will be $107.  The total for the weekend is $160.50.  If you are on the list and cannot make it, let me know, and if you aren’t on the list and want to be, let me know that as well.  Robin, I have yet to get an answer from Anita on your being local and sharing in the goodies for the weekend, but I’ll keep tring.  Thanks!!  Can’t wait to meet you all!!

If you have not read about the Tally Rally that will be in SC in October, keep reading.  All the info is here!


  1. Jan S. – deposit paid
  2. LesleyRose-deposit paid
  3. Nikki Z – deposit paid
  4. Leah – paid in full
  5. LauraJean
  6. Starla, Moon16
  7. Scrapperoni, Roni
  8. Robin N.
  9. Breann – deposit paid
  10. Susan and Sarah (Her Highness and VictorianGirl)

REMINDER!: I will turn in the deposits I have to SB Creations on March 7th or 8th to hold our weekend.  I’m fine with adding anyone on through the summer, but remember, they will be giving us a date that all balances need to be paid by, so splitting it up this way may help with the $$.  Thanks!!! 

October 9th through 12th- 

If it’s okay with everyone, I’ll keep track of everything for the rally here.  If you are pretty sure you can make it and want to mail your deposit let me know and I’ll add you to the list.  I’ll turn in the list to the SB Cottage on March 7th, and if you don’t know before then, we can always add someone on.   I’m sure we may have add-ons or cancellations as we go along, but we can at least have a starting point. 

Send Deposit Checks to: Jan and please e-mail or tally mail me for my address.  MAKE THEM OUT TO SCRAPBOOK CREATIONS! PLEASE MARK YOUR CHECK WITH SC TALLY RALLY SO THEY WILL KNOW WHICH GROUP YOU ARE WITH! is the site were you can view store info and info on the cottage as well.  I’ll be talking with another lady in charge of the cottage and getting much more info for us so stay tuned!

 Here’s what is included in the Weekend Crop Package for $150 person plus taxes:

2 nights in the cottage

38 hours of crop time: Friday 10 am -midnight, Saturday 8 am-midnight, Sunday 8 am-4 pm.

Light breakfast in cottage, lunch, snacks, vouchers for Ice Cream and Coffee Creations, a part of the SB store.  Dinner is on our own in the cottage or at a local restaurant.

Welcome gift and prizes

At least 4 x 4 feet of table space, use of great tools including 12 x 12 printer and wireless internet.

Access to 10,000 sf of scrapbook merchandise.

Check in anytime after 10 am on Friday, Check out of cottage by 1 pm on Sunday, but crop until 4:00 pm

Again, if you need to fly in on Thursday or our on Monday, we can either request an extra night or I have plenty of room here at my home.

I spoke with Anita at SB Creations today and this is how they would like for us to handle things.  Everyone please make your deposit check out to Scrapbook Creations and mail them to me.  They would rather me keep track of that and turn in the deposits all at once.  Just TM me for my addy as I’d rather not post it on my blog.  IF you would like to pay with PayPal you can do that as I have a PayPal account and TM me for the addy for that.

The total deposit with tax is $53.50 and then the balance due will be $107.  She will let me know when that has to be paid.  Also, please include with you check you’re name, addy, phone, e-mail, and b-day, as they would like to enter that in their computer prior to the crop. 

Also, the cottage will hold up to 16 if anyone is willing share a bed. Otherwise, it’s 10. 

Robin, she’s checking on your situation, and said you came by this morning. When I talked Kathy still hadn’t come back to her with an answer.

That’s all I have for now.  She said that since they are new at this, they are learning with each group they have stay at the cottage so there could be some changes, but she will definitely keep me updated.  I’m thinking if anything it may be food changes or something like that. 



4 responses to “South Carolina TallyRally

  1. Kristie

    OK…what if we (2 of us) wanted to come just to the Crop…but get a room elsewhere? Is this an option? If so, what is the fee???

  2. glad to see you got my deposit! wooohoooo, when’s oct. gonna get here? lol 🙂

  3. Roni is one of my bestest friends. I moved to South Carolina last year and am soooo happy that she is coming out this way!!!I want to be a part of this so that Roni and I can spend the time together.
    I will send you the $53.50 no later than April 25th.
    I will be looking forward to it!!

  4. Minda

    My heart will SOOOOO be in SC this fall, what a lovely collection of women!

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