Weight Loss, Putting it all out there!

March 12, 2008

I changed my mind about WW online, and I’m going back to the local meetings.  I found myself not bothering to log my points, and I realized that no matter what, the motivational meetings are what I need.  I’m definitely doing better, but man is it hard to stay away from the freezer section at the food store, specifically, the Ben & Jerry’s Everything But The…!  Have you had this flavor before????  My gosh! What the heck are B&J trying to do to me?  White chocolate chunks, almonds, chocolate and vanilla ice cream!  I can’t go on about it or I’ll buy it for sure tonight when I go to the grocery store for my styrofoam popcorn and 2 point WW fudge bars. 

Oh, and it’s much better to weigh at the meetings and not go near the scale here at home.  My scale is fairly new, but Pat swears it’s wrong. 

Anyway, I’m adjusting…slowly, but adjusting.  Definitely don’t drink enough water like I should so need to work on that.  I did make some wonderful chicken and rice soup and things like that I can enjoy and know that it’s better than what I was eating.  Unfortunately, I’m a steak and potato gal so I can’t love me any potatoes on WW!  Boo hoo. 

How are you doing?  Staying within your point range??  A friend of mine mentioned eating 4 WW pumpkin cakes, and I had to break the news that they weren’t a dinner entree.  

March 5, 2008

I went to the food store last night and purchased some more items that I can have on WW.   I’m a snacker so the 100-calorie packs are great and not a lot of points.  Thing is, Jake likes to eat them, too.  I don’t mind sharing them, of course, but I buy snacks for him and he still wants mine.  Any ideas for keeping your “special” food items away from your kids? 

What about meal preparation?  Basically, I have to prepare two meals.  One that falls into the point range I have available for dinner and then something for Jake.   Luckily, he actually eats better than I do.  He loves carrots and broccoli, which I do not eat.  Even so, it’s a lot of work preparing one meal,  much less two.  What do you do?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

February 27, 2008 

I was reading 25 tips on getting started with Weight Watchers, and one of them said to clean out your closet.  Get rid of clothes that don’t fit or that you don’t feel good wearing.  I did that today!  Now, I’m not one who has a lot of clothes to begin with so I left myself some things to get me through winter and spring.  By then I should be able to buy some things in a smaller size.

Here’s my part of the closet before: (click on the image to get a larger/closer look)


And after:


Notice the empty hangers?  And something else I noticed was how I mostly have black, blue, tan, and white with maybe a few different colored shirts thrown in.  There is not much to choose from as a plus-size gal.

I’m 5’2″ so when I go to a plus-size store, everything is out of proportion for me.  Pants are at least 6 inches too long, sleeves are too long, collars too big and when you alter something that much, it changes the look entirely.  Trying to find plus sizes that are for shorter women is just about impossible.  Then I wonder if all the people who design plus-size clothing think we have no age?  By that I mean that the styles of some of these clothes are not what any other 40-ish year old woman has to choose from so why would I want to wear them?  Why do I just find lame t-shirts with sequins on them in royal blue, white, red, bright green, or purple (completely an unflattering color for a red-head) and jeans/pants with elastic OR patterns so bold and bright that I would not wear them if I were a clown with Barnum and Bailey? Yes, let me draw even more attention to the fact that I’m heavy by wearing zebra stripes!  And the “normal” people get blouses and shirts in a much larger array of colors and styles and pants that are cropped, capri, trouser, and jean styles sans elastic???  They’re classic styles and sophisticated patterns that we fat gals obviously don’t need.  Who decided that the chubs need elastic?  Maybe I want my jeans to hold me in and not give off the squeek of stretching elastic when I sit!  Maybe I don’t want a knit t-shirt to conform to every bump and roll that I have and that I need to pull at constantly.  Did I miss something in the chub girl’s handbook that says I’m supposed to wear an 18-hour full body girdle in order to wear the knit? 

And I guess this is turning into more of a vent BUT, even when I was 40 pounds lighter, this problem was still there!  What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks happened to clothing sizes?  Even my mom who is not heavy at all is in a 14 or 16 and way back when she might have worn a 10 or a 12 had the clothing powers that be not decided to make the 14 and up “plus size” so that they could then charge more for them.  I don’t think I’m wrong here, do you?

There’s a commercial running now with Queen Latifah in it for Jenny Craig.  She talks about dropping only 15% of your weight would make you healthier.   Well that’s great.  I love to know that dropping such a small number would make me that much more healthy.  But, QL, I’m still going to have to shop in the plus-size department and the above problems still remain, and that means I have to lose 90 pounds to be able to find clothes that fit me properly.  This would then lead me to vent about the fashion mags with their bean pole models, Annie Rexia most of them are named, and how girls between the ages of 10 and 20 think this is the way they have to look in order to be accepted by their peers.  I won’t go there, but we know it’s true!


February 26, 2008 

What do you think?  If I share my progress or lack of with all on the WWW, will it make me work a little harder at losing the weight I need to lose?  I wouldn’t want to embarass myself by NOT losing any, would I?  So let’s just see what happens.

On Friday, February 29, (Leaping, yes!) at 12:30 I am going to join Weight Watchers again.  I cannot go one more week being as heavy as I am right now.  I have a 4-year-old son who I would like to be around for and who I would like to see graduate high school and college and whatever else he may decide to do afterwards.

I have a lot of weight to lose and at times I think about weight loss surgery, but surely I can do this? Surely I can actually lose the weight without having to do something so drastic?  I hope so, I really do. 

What makes it so hard for me?  I come from a family of eaters.  For the most part, most can manage their weight just fine.  My sister is one of these people and so is my cousin, Hope.  My mom is slim as well.  But, even Hope agrees that we are a family of women with eating disorders.  Most of us struggle with losing weight and keeping it off and most of us, my sister and Hope included, LOVE food.  Plus, we use it when we’re down to comfort us and use it when we’re up to celebrate.    I guess a lot of people do this.  For me though, it’s worse because I cannot eat like a slim person and I have to realize that.  I see friends eating whatever they want when they want and they never have a weight problem.  I try to do that and I only get bigger.  At times I feel that I would basically have to starve myself in order to lose anything.  Weight Watchers does help wtih that feeling, but not a lot.  I’m not trying to make excuses, just stating the facts.  It’s genetically a problem for me, I love food, and I think I can eat like “normal” people, and I can’t.

So, please say a prayer, light a candle, burn some sage, whatever you do that I can do this.  Thanks!!


8 responses to “Weight Loss, Putting it all out there!

  1. Little Windy

    I understand everything you say. I, too, come from a family of eaters. I must admit, the back pain has kept me from doing alot of things. Everyday I sit and look around at things I should be doing. I try but it seems useless. My granddaughter wants me to get on the floor and play with her. I can get down but getting up is another story. I have a layout in the getting fit section. Maybe you could take a look. Good luck. Thanks for listening.

  2. oh my gosh Jan. Yes, YES! I so understand!! I also come from a family of eaters. In sadness, in celebration, just for the hell of it! Yep that’s us. I joined WW on Monday. I am doing it online only. I don’t think I could bear to go to a meeting. Maybe one day. Something just told me to do it. I did it without consulting with Doug, which is really rare for me. I think I need to make a weight loss blog…. or I could seriously be typing here all day. warm hugs girl, I know you can do it!!

  3. Hey girl, I found your blog on the tallyscrappers site. It’s nice to find SCRAPPERS that are in the same weight loss boat as I am! I’ve been doing ww on and off for over 10 years now, and am finally sticking with it! I have lost 55 lbs since last may, and have about 100 more to go, so I totally know what you are going through! If you wanna be scrap/weight loss buddies, I’d love to work with ya!

  4. OH Jan, you make me laugh! Sometimes it’s good to put humor into the tings that frustrate us most. Remember that you area beautiful person inside and out! Big hugs to you and good luck. The first 2 weeks of WW was difficult for me,but I soon adjusted!


  5. ~Shirley

    Jan! Love that you are “putting it all out there”! This will be a great motivator to keep on keeping on! I know you can do it, one day at a time!! Look at all that room you now have in your closet for new smaller clothes!!
    Go, Jan, Go!!

  6. hi. you can do it. just a little better choices every day and if you slip up, there is always tomorrow. i will try and help you. once the weather is nice you should try and get some type of routine down of bringing jake outside for a walk or something.

  7. I love your rant! You make great points, and I’m not short and I wear a size 14. If I were wealthy, the first thing I would do would be hire a seamstress to design clothes that make my body and my age look its best.

    I’ll be praying for your get healthy goal!

  8. LOL about the pumpkin dinner entree… are you on the core or flex plan? I think a large baked potato and 3 oz steak is 9-10 points. Probably a lot if your points aren’t that high to start with. Sounds like you are sticking to it nicely! WTG!!

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